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Facility management

Providing building and property owners with a one stop shop experience for all your facility needs. Whether there is a light out in the office, or a crack in the wall, we'll be there for you.

Cam Management

Common Area Maintenance for your shopping center is the key to keeping your tenants happy. A contract with us will give you the security of knowing your landscaping is neat, and your parking lot is clean. Why call numerous vendors for these tasks? One call to FMS does it all!

Preventative Maintenance

The most important aspect of your facility and tenant renewal is preventative maintenance. A facility management contract with FMS will provide you with the assurance that your equipment, even those out of sight, is well maintained. The life cycle of clean and properly maintained equipment is the key to keeping capital expenses within budget.

Contract Management

While FMS is a one stop shop, we also make it possible for you to focus on your own business. If you have contracts with landscaping, janitorial, parking or HVAC, we'll manage those contracts for you.

Demand Maintenance

Demand maintenance is the day to day maintenance issues that arise. A facility management contract with FMS will take care of your demand maintenance requests. While these are generally small in nature, they can become time consuming. But don't worry! Dealing with the little things is just another service FMS provides.

Building Audits

Building audits are thorough "check-ups" of your facility. An audit with FMS will provide you with a total building inspection including staffing requirements, janitorial services, equipment conditions, cosmetic conditions and various onsite inspections. You will be provided with a detailed report of all findings, assessments and recommendations.