The MISSION of Facilities Management Services Group, LLC is to efficiently provide services which will support the client in the pursuit of excellence in their respective objectives. These services are directed toward the pursuit of sustainability in the maintenance and operation of all facilities both for current occupants and for future generations.

The VISION of Facilities Management Services Group, LLC is to be an innovative team of motivated professionals recognized for excellence in Facilities Management.


  • Care
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Quality
  • Teamwork


  • Clients - To understand, anticipate and respond effectively to our client needs
  • Process Improvement - To achieve efficient and effective results, through optimal and standardized processes
  • Communication - To share accurate information on a continual basis
  • Employees - To foster innovative, skilled  and motivated employees

In today's tough economic times, the effects on every part of our lives, both individually and within our organizations have been very swift and often direct.
Even as our budgets are being cut to the wire, the practical needs of our roofs, windows, and walls will still remain. Simply deferring maintenance can have a catastrophic effect that includes both an overall reduction in predictable performance and a significant impact on the life expectancy of the building system.
It's a simple and practical truth that building components that are not maintained will experience more direct issues.

More than ever our focus will need to be on maximizing the useful life of our existing building systems. An important aspect of maximizing useful life in a building system is how a problem is addressed upon discovery. When a need arises to address an issue, whether it is because of reported water entry into a building interior or a condition discovered during an inspection, it is important to consider the different elements for proactive and effective building remediation. No matter how small or large the issue may be, Facilities Management Services Group, LLC will be there.


More About Us

Michael moved to the Atlanta area in 1984. He began his career in facility management as an apartment manager for Krupp Realty Company. Further education and training provided him with many more opportunities in the metropolitan area. Michael has worked for such companies as Trammel Crowe, LaSalle Partners, and CFG.

Managing accounts for his clients, ranging from 5,000 sq.ft to 3 million sq.ft.,  Michael's knowledge and experience have proven him to be one of the top operation managers in his field. As the owner of Facilities Management Services Group LLC, Michael and his team of facility professionals consistently provide their clients with the exceptional service they deserve.