Facilities Management Services Group would not be as well known or as strong as they are today without our clients. Our clients are the ones who have brought us to where we are today and we find it a great pleasure to work with them day by day.

What Our Clients Say

--Carlos Medina VP of Operations, BET Networks

Working with FMS for the last 6 years has been a great experience. FMS has delivered high quality at an affordable cost, including, going above and beyond the call of duty to fulfill any request/need we have had at our Washington, DC Campus. When we had an emergency situation, Mike did not hesitate to travel to DC to manage our immediate needs personally in order to ensure a seamless process. The FMS staff is talented, dedicated and committed to providing a level of excellence while always maintaining courtesy and professionalism. I am happy to continue our facility services with FMS to years to come.

--Tony Broyles, CEO, Georgia Lung Associates

Mike has managed our facility for the past five years. it is a pleasure to work with him. He is professional, personable, honest and extremely dependable. If there is an issue or problem with our facility, you can call FMS and no matter what time  of day or night, the answer is "No problem. I'll get on it right away." The issue is resolved correctly in a timely manner. FMS is also cost conscious and helps us obtain the best pricing on work, supplies and materials. When Mike formed his own Facilities Management Services Group company I had no second thoughts about switching our business to him and his new venture. He has maintained the same great level of service. I would highly recommend FMS.

--Maximilian Gutierrez, Property Manager, Urbana Realty Advisors, LLC

Facilities Management Service Group, LLC provides out standing services to our properties with a very friendly staff. They are timely in their response and make every effort to go out of their way to complete projects for our portfolio. From the top staff to our local engineers, we truly appreciate their experience and support of management.

--Debbie Roberts, Sr. Operations Business Analyst, The Home Depot

I have had the privilege to work with FMS and Michael during my time at The Home Depot. The expertise, professionalism, business ethics and of course, commitment to the customers was very impressive. FMS would certainly be a great asset to any organization looking to enhance their real estate portfolio and in need of a professional to effectively and efficiently manage their facilities.

--Lori Cohan, RPA, FMA, Realty Trust Group, LLC Atlanta, GA

FMS has provided the engineering for our Class A Medical Cancer Center. They have done a great job on coordinating work with vendors, so it will not impact the patients and staff. Michael and his team are always available and willing to go the extra mile.

--Sandy Hilton-Jacob, Senior Regional Property Manager, The Simpson Organization

I've worked with Mike Allison and the Facilities Management Services staff since early 2015.
They have consistently provided outstanding service and value to The Simpson Organization and to our tenants. Our properties include retail centers, single story suburban, mid-rise and high rise commercial office buildings, so there is no one size fits all for our staffing needs.
FMS has provided TSO with quality, skilled engineers and maintenance staff. They have the flexibility to provide staffing based on the needs of the property. whether full time or part time. They are well connected to vendors and other ownership and management companies and we are able to utilize that knowledge to our advantage on a regular basis.
I would recommend the FMS team to any company who requires sustainability, dependability, and honest at a competitive cost.